01. International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law

Iteration: 20 - 24 Jan 2020

e-Prime code : GR 73.5




To provide military Officers, including operators and military lawyers, as well as civilians, with the opportunity to learn how to apply the principles and rules of the Humanitarian Law.


Learning Topics

- Principles of International Humanitarian law (IHL).

- IHL and Human Right Law.

- Judicial and Non Judicial Enforcemet IHL.

- Targeting Decision Making.

- Means and Methods of warfare.

- Rules of Engagement.

Student Criteria

- OR-3 up to OF-5.

- Civilians with relevant work/profession.



- Up to 35 participants (20 slots are available to international students).

   Allocations will be on a “ first comes – first served ” basis.

- Domestic (inland) transportation support (from Thessaloniki airport to the MPSOTC)

   will be provided by MPSOTC.

-  Accommodation, food and drink expenses are to be paid by the participants

   (NATO countries).

- There will be no charge for lodging and messing for some PfP, MeD and other 

   countries,according to bilateral arrangements.

- Duration: 1 Week.

- Course fee: 130 € per week.

- Dress: Service and battle uniform.