05. PSOs Basic Course

PSOs Basic Course

Iteration: 30 Mar - 10 Apr 2020

e-Prime code : GR 73.5




To improve the basic skills of Officers and NCOs or equivalent civilians, to conduct a variety of security and stability activities, focusing on operating techniques and tactics in a multinational environment as an individual or as Platoon - Company leaders in a Peace Support Force, led by UN, NATO, or other IOs.

Learning Topics

- PSOs Background Knowledge

- Basic Principles for PSOs

- Inspection Verification

- Legal Implications for PSOs

- Cultural Awareness

- Code of Conduct

- Operation Techniques (Checkpoint, Observation Post, Patrolling)

- Soft Skills (Negotiation-Mediation, Effective Communication, Media Awareness)

- Mine-IED Awareness

- Self/Buddy First Aid in the field

- Land Navigation Techniques (GPS Training included)


Student Criteria

- OR-5 up to OF-3 (Military-Police)

- Civilians with relevant work/profession



- Up to 35 participants (20 slots are available to international students).

   Allocations will be on a “ first comes – first served ” basis.

- Domestic (inland) transportation support (from Thessaloniki airport to the MPSOTC)

   will be provided by MPSOTC.

-  Accommodation, food and drink expenses are to be paid by the participants

   (NATO countries).

- There will be no charge for lodging and messing for some PfP, MeD and other 

   countries,according to bilateral arrangements.

- Duration: 2 Weeks.

- Course fee: 130 € per week.

- Dress: Service and battle uniform.