09. Crisis Response to Irregular Migration & Refugees’ Flows Course

Crisis Response to Irregular Migration & Refugees’ Flows Course

Iteration: 14 – 25 Oct 2019



    To provide Officers from different countries and background, training based on the experience & lessons learned of the Greek armed forces and other civilian authorities that are engaged in the Refugee and Irregular Migration Crisis.

    Also to familiarize trainees with international law, cultural diversity and best practices regarding interaction with GOs and NGOs.

Learning Topics

-        Human Rights – Refugees/Immigrants Legal Framework.

-        Immigrants Identification Procedures.

-        Asylum Procedures.

-        Combating Human Trafficking.

-        Refugee’s Camp Establishment - Case Studies - Lessons Learned.

-        Coast Guard Duties & Plans in Relation to Migration Flows.

-        Police Duties & Plans in Relation to Migration Flows - Criminality in a Refugee Camp-

         Lessons Learned/Case Studies.

-        Contracting Local Suppliers & Workers / Technicians (Procedures - Legal Framework).

-        First Aid in the Field (Theory/Practice).

-        The Role of IOs, NGOs (FRONTEX, UNHCR, ICRC, DRC).

-        Basic CIMIC Principles.

-        Mediation - Negotiation - Organizing Meetings - PAO Basics.

-        Cultural / Gender / Religious Diversity Awareness.

-        Spot Visit to a Refugee’s Camp.


Students Creteria

-        OR-5 to OF-4

-        Civilians of equivalent profession or occupation.

-        English language proficiency as described in STANAG 6001/ Listening 3 - Speaking 2 –

         Reading 3 - Writing 2.



-        Up to 35 participants. Allocations will be on a “first comes – first served” basis.

-        Domestic (inland) transportation support (from Thessaloniki airport to the

         MPSOTC) will be provided by MPSOTC.

-        Accommodation, food and drink expenses are to be paid by the participants (NATO


-        There will be no charge for lodging and messing for some PfP, MeD and

         other countries, according to bilateral arrangements.

-        Duration: two weeks.

-        Course fee: 100 € per week.

-        Dress: Service and battle uniform.

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