Col (GRC-A) Eleftherios KALLES




Colonel (GRC-A) Eleftherios KALLES was born in Larissa – Greece in 1970. He was admitted to the National Military Academy in 1989 and graduated in 1993, as Second Lieutenant (Infantry).

His service records include multiple command assignments in Infantry and Airmobile Units, as follows:

Mech. Infantry Plt Cdr (1994 – 1996),

Mech. Coy Cdr (1996 – 1998),

Joint Hellenic Support Unit Cdr at NATO JOINT HEADQUARTERS SOUTHCENTRE (JHQ SOUTHCENT)-(2002 - 2003),

Support Coy Cdr in Mech. Battalion (2004 – 2007),

Deputy Cdr at 595 Airmobile Battalion (2007 – 2008), also participating in the NATO Response Force (NRF) and affiliated to NRDC-GR.

In 2014, he was honored to command for 2 years the 596 Airmobile Battalion, one of the best units in the Hellenic Armed Forces, which concurrently with its national mission participates in the HELBROC Battle Group, as Core Battalion. During his command, the aforementioned Battalion was evaluated by national and international authorities for the stand-by period of HELBROC-BG, by preparing and executing the “TALOS” exercise, with excellent results.

On 7th June 2018, he assumed command of the MPSOTC.

Moreover, Col Eleftherios KALLES is experienced in staff positions of Major formations as follows:

Aide de Camp to the Commander at NATO JOINT HEADQUARTERS SOUTHCENTRE (JHQ SOUTHCENT) (2001 – 2002),

J5 (Plans and Policy) staff officer at NATO JOINT HEADQUARTERS SOUTHCENTRE (JHQ SOUTHCENT)-(2002 – 2004),

G3 Current Ops Staff Officer in 71st Airmobile Brigade (2008 – 2009),

International Affairs Division Staff officer in 2nd ARMY CORPS (2010 – 2011),

Branch Chief G3 in the Hellenic Force in Cyprus (2011 – 2013),

International Affairs Division Staff Officer in the Hellenic 1st ARMY (2013),

Media Chief PIO in the EL EU Operational Headquarters (OHQ) - (2014) for the EUFOR Military Mission to the Central African Republic, an almost 6 months period profoundly productive for his personal as well as professional development, since this was the 1st EU led Military Mission assigned to an Operational HQ.

ACOS CJ-3 (Operations) in the EL EU Operational Headquarters (OHQ) – (2016 – 2017),

Staff Officer to the Director of Staff (DOS) in the Hellenic 1st ARMY (2017 – 2018),

G7 Staff Officer (Exercise & Training) in the Hellenic 1st ARMY (2018).

In addition to the aforementioned command and staff position assignments, Col Eleftherios KALLES maintains a training experience as a trainer for 3 years in the Hellenic NCO Academy (1998 – 2001).

He has graduated from all respective Military schools/courses, as well as from courses abroad, as stated below:

Hellenic Infantry School Basic Course (1993),

Ecole de l’Infanterie (Montpellier - France) / Cours de Capitaine (1998),

Hellenic Infantry School Advanced Course (2003),

Ecole de l’Infanterie (Montpellier - France) / Cours de Commandants d’Unite (CDU) – (2004),

Civil Emergency Planning Course, directed and run by the Hellenic Ministry of Public Order (2006),

Hellenic Army Command and Staff College (2006),

Peace Support Operations (PSO) Course in MPSOTC (2008),

CIMIC Course in NATO School – Oberammergau (2009),

Hellenic Supreme Joint War College (2009 – 2010),

Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (COPC) / NATO JADL (2016),

Strategic Comprehensive Operations Planning / NATO JADL (2016),

Introduction to Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive / NATO JADL (2016).

Col Eleftherios KALLES has been accepted to study at the Hellenic National Defence College.

A University Degree in Law Studies, of “DEMOCRITUS” University of Thrace (Law School) is included in his academic qualifications.

He speaks English and French fluently (C2 and C1 level respectively), both certified according to EU and NATO standards.

Col Eleftherios KALLES has received the following promotions:

Lieutenant (DOR   7/1996)

Captain (DOR   7/2001)

Major (DOR   6/2007)

Lt Colonel (DOR   7/2011)

Colonel (DOR   7/2017)

During his career so far, he has been awarded several medals and honourable distinctions, as follows:

Gold Cross of the Order of Phoenix,

Golden Cross of the Order of Honor,

Medal for Military Valour B΄ Class,

Medal for Meritorious Command Commendation B΄ Class,

Medal for distinguished Staff Officers B΄ Class,

Medal for military service to the National Guard,

CSDP Service Medal for EU Military Operation in Central African Republic (EUFOR RCA).

He is married to Konstantia Kantzanou - Kalle, English language teacher. They have a daughter, Carolina, student at the 1st class of High School.