Cultural Property Protection (CPP) Pilot Course



Iteration: 31 Aug -  04 Sep 2020

Co-organised with OSCE



To provide the participants with knowledge and practical skills in order to be capable to addressed and enhanced the Cultural Property Protection topic.

Learning Topics

-        Leagal framework governed CPP

-        Responsibilities of Armed Forces and Non-State Actors across the spectrum of armed conflict

-        Criminological Aspects in Illicit Trade of Cultural Property

-        Contribution of OSCE, UNODC and Interpol to CPP

-        Role of GOs, NGOs and IOs in CPP

-        Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment for CPP in Operational Environment

-         Data Collection and Risk Assessment

-         Peacekeeping/support mission in the CPP operational context

-         Internet and Dark Web

-         Education in CPP Topics

-         Responding in the event of evidence of ongoing or recent damage or destruction to cultural property

-         INTERPOL - Stolen Works of Art Database

-         Proposing Best Practices for Cultural Property Protection and Combating Trafficking in CPP

Student Criteria

- OR-8 up to OF-5

- Civilians with relevant work/profession.



- Up to 35 participants (20 slots are available to international students). Allocations will be on a “ first comes – first served ” basis.

- Domestic (inland) transportation support (from Thessaloniki airport to the MPSOTC) will be provided by MPSOTC.

-  Accommodation, food and drink expenses are to be paid by the participants (NATO countries).

- There will be no charge for lodging and messing for some PfP, MeD and other countries,according to bilateral arrangements.

- Duration: 1 Week.

- Course fee: 130 € per week.

- Dress: Service and battle uniform.