Influence & Effects Ops in Multicultural Environment Course

Influence & Effects Ops in Multicultural Environment Course

Iteration: 22 - 26 Jan 2018

e-Prime code : GR 72.4



   To introduce the participants to all the means that currently used and described under the term of influence operations and aiming to exert   power with the use of soft Techniques such as Strategic Communication, Information Operations, Psychological Operations, Public Affairs, Electronic Warfare Operations, Military Deception and Cyber space Operations.

   Moreover to inform the audience about the integration of all these means under national and international command structures.

Learning Topics

-         Influence Operations: Definition, Current Status in NATO structure, Greece e.t.c.   

-         Introduction to Information Operations.

-         Introduction to Psychological Operations.

-         Introduction to Strategic Communication.

-         Introduction to Public Affairs.

-         Introduction to Electronic Warfare.

-         Introduction to Cyber Defence Operations.

-         Introduction to target audience analysis.

-         Use of social media in Military Operations.

Student Criteria

-       OF-1 up to OF-5.

-      Civilians with related duties in National/International Organisations

-      English language proficiency as described in STANAG 6001/ Listening 3 - Speaking 2-

       Reading 3- Writing 2.



-      Up to 35 participants (20 slots are available to international students).

       Allocations will be on a “first comes – first served” basis.

-      Domestic (inland) transportation support (from Thessaloniki airport to the MPSOTC)

       will be provided by MPSOTC.

-      Accommodation, food and drink expenses are to be paid by the participants

       (NATO countries).

-      There will be no charge for lodging and messing for some PfP, MeD and  

       other countries, according to bilateral arrangements.

-      Duration: 1 Week.

-      Course fee: 100 € per week.

-      Dress:  Service and battle uniform.

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