ACT (e-Learning)

Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik (SLOVAKIA)

AUTINT-Austrian Armed Forces International Centre Center (AUSTRIA)

CCCRPA-Cairo Regional Center for Training on Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (EGYPT)

CIMIC Centre of Excellence (NETHERLANDS)

CMMOD-Crisis Management & Multinational Operations Department (ROMANIA)

DRESMARA-Regional Department of Defence Resources Management Studies (ROMANIA)

Defence Academy (UNITED KINGDOM)

FINCENT-Finnish Defense Forces International Centre (FINLAND)

Foreign Language Department National Military University (BULGARIA)

GCSP-Geneva Centre for Security Policy (SWITZERLAND)

GE UN Trg Ctr-German Armed Forces United Nations Training Center (GERMANY)

Hungarian Defence Forces PSOTC (HUNGARY)

IIHL-International Institute of Humanitarian Law (ITALY)

Institute of Diplomacy (JORDAN)

JPOTC-Jordan Peace Operation Training Center (JORDAN)

JSOU-Joint Special Operations University (USA)

Jordan Armed Forces Language Institute (JORDAN)

KAZCENT-Kazach PfP Training Center (KAZAKHSTAN)

Multinational CIMIC Group (ITALY)


NPS-Naval Postgraduate School (USA)


PARC-Public Affairs Regional Centre (FYROM)

PLTCE-Partner Language Training Center Europe (GERMANY)

POTI-Peace Operations Training Institute (USA)

PSO TC SWISSINT-Swiss Armed Forces International Command (SWITZERLAND)

PSOTC-Peace Support Operation Training Center (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)

Partnership Training and Education Centres

PfPLTC-Partnership for Peace Language Training Center (SLOVENIA)

Professional Guidance & Continuous Training Center of the Army Forces Military Academy (MOLDOVA)

SEEBRIG-South Eastern Europe Brigate (ITALY)


SWEDINT-Swedish Armed Forces International Center (SWEEDEN)

Sachkhere Mountain Training School (GEORGIA)

Stability Operations Lessons Learned & Information Management System

Turkish PfP Training Center (TURKEY)