News 2017

December 22, 2017

MPSOTC is wishing to all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018

December 08, 2017

  On Friday 08 Dec 2017 took place the closing ceremony of the CIMIC Field Workers’ Course. In this two weeks course took part 32 participants out of 7 different countries (Austria, Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, Bahrain, Estonia, and Greece). Moreover, 2 instructors from abroad (Italy and USA) had a significant contributions as external trainers.

  During the 1st week of the course, students were taught the theoretical knowledge on CIMIC and through case studies they put this knowledge into practice.  During the 2nd week, students conducted a small tactical scenario based exercise, were...

November 27, 2017

  On November 27th 2017 one more CIMIC Field Workers’ Course  started as scheduled, in the MPSOTC premises.

  32 students have responded participating in this 2 weeks course. All students are active members of the Armed Forces and civilians not only from Greece, but from other countries as well.

  MPSOTC express its warmest thanks for the excellent contribution by JFK Special Warfare Center and School (USA) and Multinational CIMIC Group (Motta di Livenza-Italy), providing two well experienced trainers.

  During the course, students will obtain the theoretical background...

November 10, 2017

  The “Cultural Awareness” Course has concluded its workson November, 10th of 2017. During the one week course, students received theoretical training, on related topics and had also the opportunity to mutually exchange their experiences.    

  The course strength consisted of 23 participants from 4 different countries (Canada, Hungary, U.A.E.  and Hellas), mainlymilitary - police officers and civilians.

  It is worth to mention the course’s great success, as this has been depicted in the student’s evaluation forms.