United Nations Military Observers – UNMO 2019

2019, April 12 - 11:11am

   On 12th of April 2019, “UΝ Military Observers Course” was concluded. 28 students from 9 countries (Brazil, France, Greece, Qatar, Cyprus, Republic of Congo, Lithuania, Pakistan and Slovakia) had responded in this 3 - weeks course.

   All students were active members of Armed Forces, Police and Civilians as well.

   During the 3 weeks Course, the students received both theoretical and practical training in duties and tasks as UN Military Observers Team members. During the 3rd week, the “FTX BLUE SHIELD” has been conducted and the students had the opportunity to acquired knowledge and practicing their skills, organizing Observation Posts, conducting different kind of patrols (foot patrols, vehicle patrols aerial patrols), conducting meetings and organizing UNMOs’ Team sites. 

   We wish to all participants to have a nice and safe return back home to their countries and families.