November 08, 2019

From 23 September to 4 October 2019 MPSOTC conducted the "NATO Public Affairs Officer Basic Course". The Course was attended by 27 Officers and civilians from 11 Countries. The participants were indoctrinated in NATO Public Affairs Policy, received theoretical and practical training on the responsibilities, procedures and duties of a Public Affairs Officer. Furthermore they practiced their media and communication skills while receiving training in Public Affairs during operations. The Course is being conducted since 2009 and has trained more than 470 students from 45 countries. In addition...

November 08, 2019

Today on 20th of Sep 2019, the pilot “Building Integrity Course” was accomplished in MPSOTC premises as was scheduled.

17 students from 5 countries (Australia, China, Greece, Poland, and United Arab Emirates) have responded in this one week course. All students were either active members of Armed Forces or civilians.

During the one week’s course the students acquired theoretical and practical skills through lectures and practical exercises in order to understand the corruption issues and its root causes. Moreover, through the Building Integrity process not only in individual...

November 08, 2019

The “Sea - Land Borders Security & Refugees/Arms/Dual-Use Goods Control” Course has come to an end, on September 13th  2019. During the two weeks’ course, students received theoretical and practical training on topics regarding border security and management.

   The Course consisted of 19 trainees, active members of Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Customs Agency and civilians, out of 3different Countries.

   At the same time, staff members from the Hellenic Police, Hellenic Coast Guard and Customs Office supported the practical session of the course.

   We should note...

June 18, 2019

    On 28th of June 2019, “StratCom & Info Ops Course” was concluded. 24 students from 10 countries (Armenia, China, Greece , India, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Poland and U.S.A) participated in this 2 week course.

    All students were active members of Armed Forces, public sector and private sector as well.

   During the 2 week Course, the students received both theoretical and practical training concerning the duties and tasks as StratCom staff officers in regard to their services, according the NATO standards.

   We wish to all participants to...